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Machine for making a cardboard sleeve from 2 cardboard strips. According to the customer's specifications, machines for 4 - 7 belts are manufactured.


$15 000 (7 belts)


Designed for making cardboard sleeves from 2 cardboard strips by gluing them together. The length of the produced sleeve is adjusted by a sensor mounted on a movable frame. The bushing is cut to the required length by two pneumatically driven disc knives mounted on a movable carriage. The cutting occurs automatically and without stopping the winding of the sleeve.
After filling the cardboard strips, the machine operates in fully automatic mode, cutting and storing the sleeves of the length you need.
More details about the operation of the machine can be found in our video.
At the request and technical conditions of the customer, the diameter of the produced bushing can vary from 25 to 76 mm. In this regard, the modification of the machine is also changing, which will be able to produce a sleeve from two cardboard strips, as well as from four and seven. The wall thickness of the bushing changes accordingly. All nuances and technical issues are discussed and worked out with the customer when ordering the machine.

The most common raw material used is cardboard with a width of 70-75 mm. The thickness of the cardboard depends on the need for the final product. The adhesives used are dispersive, such as: “Dextrin” or Adgesin A2106.

Since the cut is very smooth and clean, we recommend purchasing a similar machine when ordering PM-6 winding machines. These machines produce professional products that are cut to the required width immediately before being wound onto a rod with stacked bushings. Also, the machine is recommended as a production unit for the production of various types of bushings, and for the production of bushings for rewinding nonwoven materials, foil and polyethylene film.


Electricity consumption, kW (380V)


Pneumatic network pressure, atm

from 3

Service personnel

1 person

Performance, m/min

up to 15

Diameter of the produced bushing, mm (wall thickness from 0.8 to 5 mm)

from 30 to 76

Overall dimensions (L/W/H), mm


Weight, kg




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