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Band saws for cutting toilet paper and paper towels.


PC-1 - $4 500, PC-2 - $7 000


Designed for cutting toilet paper and paper towels from both waste paper and cellulose raw materials. The design of the machine allows you to cut two logs at the same time, and an adjustable stop with a scale is used to adjust the length of the roll. The machine is equipped with a sharpening device, with the help of which you can quickly and efficiently sharpen the cutting tape.

As a standard, we produce two types of machinesPC-1andPC-2

PC-1 is designed for cutting ready-made logs with standard winding diameters up to 150 mm. In turn, PC-2 is more suitable for cutting logs, the diameter of which loose winding can reach 260 mm. With dense winding and diameters over 260 mm, we would suggest taking a closer look at the PM-6* machines.

*These machines are designed for the production of a professional line of products with a winding diameter of up to 400 mm. These are the so-called Jumbo rolls, installed in dispensers in public places. As a rule, a fairly dense winding of macular fiber occurs on a sleeve with a diameter of 60 mm.


ParameterModel PL-41Model PL-45
Diameter of the aspiration hole on the machine, mm2х1002х100
Motor power, kW1, 52
Pulley diameter, mm480530
Maximum cutting height, mm180250
Saw blade length, mm36403865
Saw blade width, mm9.5-329.5-32
Saw blade speed, m/min439/939485/1037
Weight, kg150183
Dimensions, LxBxHa, mm (without movable table)920x770x19901020x790x2040
Sharpening unityesyes
Supply voltage220 volts380 volts
Service staff1 person1 person


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