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1 - Embossing is installed on almost every rewinding and winding machine. Our equipment uses several types of embossing:

A three-shaft system is installed on the machines of the PM-1 models. Embossing is carried out using a metal shaft with a pattern and a rubberized shaft. The rubber-coated shaft is pressed using a manually driven mechanism.

The PM-4 model machines have a two-shaft system. The rubber-coated shaft is pressed using pneumatic cylinders. The pressing force of the rubberized shaft is adjusted using a pneumatic reducer.

On the PM-6 model machines, two double embossing units are installed. The second embossing unit is installed on machines designed for the production of three-layer paper. The pressing force of the rubberized shaft is adjusted using a pneumatic reducer.

2 - Running knife is designed for automatic cutting of logs using a circular knife. The device is also equipped with an automatic glue supply valve for gluing the main tail of the log. Thus, the shift cycle occurs completely automatically.

3 - Glue bath. This method of cutting a log from the main winding differs from a running knife in that the paper web is not cut with a disk, but is impregnated with a strip with applied glue, i.e. the paper softens and tears occur. The “Glue bath” unit is used only on machines designed for rewinding the base from waste paper raw materials.

4 - Lamination. The lamination unit is designed for embossing and gluing two or three layers of toilet paper and paper towels. The lamination unit is used to produce premium products from cellulose raw materials.

5 - Stitching. This unit is designed for attaching two or three layers of TB and BP from cellulose raw materials mechanically. The paper base is deformed as it passes between the hardened stitching rollers and the hardened roller. Due to this, the layers are fastened in a certain sector.

6 - Perforation. The perforation unit is designed for applying tear-off line perforation of the length you need on paper.

7 - Pneumatic liftis designed to automatically lift the reel onto the rewinding machine.



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